America250 Countdown

America250 Countdown LogoComing Soon: The Road Radio USA America250 Countdown!

The America250 Countdown will be a resource that learning institutions – whether brick-and-mortar schools, cyber schools, private or public or home school families and groups – can access on-demand, free of charge, to help young people learn more about the history of the United States of America.

The goals of the Road Radio USA America250 Countdown align with the mission, vision, values, and pillars of the America250 Foundation, the non-profit group supporting the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission. Our program aligns with the America250 Foundation’s values of service, diversity, love of country, collaboration, respect, integrity, optimism, and imagination.

In particular, the Road Radio USA America250 Countdown seeks to educate, engage, and unite.

We want to help young people develop understanding, passion, and enthusiasm for what it means to be an American citizen. We want young people to develop in-depth knowledge about our nation’s past to help inform their understanding of the present. We want to encourage young people to be actively involved in their communities and exercise their civic duties in an informed, thoughtful manner.

To support our goal to educate: the America250 Countdown will be a free, “living” education resource, broadcasting our unique video series featuring DJ Jimbo in Stereo. Each episode of the Countdown will include lesson plans, activities, and supplemental materials aligned to state and national education standards created by & for certified, highly qualified, master teachers from a variety of content areas across the nation.

We call the project a “living” education resource because it will continue to grow and change and most importantly, it will available not only in the years leading up to the Semiquincentennial, but will continue to be accessible in the years to follow.

To support our goal to engage: the America250 Countdown will bring history alive with a musical twist. In every episode of the Countdown, DJ Jimbo in Stereo will connect trending and popular music to themes found throughout the history of the United States. By connecting the music and lyrics with the major theme of each lesson,  we will help students make memorable connections between the current day and our nation’s past.

To support our goal to unite: the America250 Countdown will promote unity by teaching the history behind the unique origins, perspectives, & experiences that shaped our nation – the things that made – and still make – us all Americans! We believe that the more we learn about the US as a whole and about one another, the more we will realize the shared challenges, ideologies, and blessings inherent to our status as United States citizens.

We have outlined the initial 5 introductory lessons:

  1. Introduce what the Semiquncentennial is and represents
  2. Generally introduce the three Charters of Freedom
  3. Charter 1 – The Declaration of Independence
  4. Charter 2 – The US Constitution
  5. Charter 3 – Bill of Rights.

We envision further resources to delve deeper into each of these topics, such as episodes highlighting each Article of the Constitution, or detailing how our democracy is structured and operates, or providing detail on the Amendments in the Bill of Rights and so on.