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Dropping the Beat along with Truth Bombs! We mix the music with the message in an engaging edutainment presentation that includes trending and popular music and music videos from yesterday and today.




We connect with youth because our message isn’t candy-coated! It is REAL and POWERFUL and shared in a meaningful way through emotional, sincere real-life testimonials and stories.





We work with schools, youth organizations, businesses, adolescents, parents, coaches, mentors, educators and administrators, other non-profits, and news and other media to help spread the message about the realities of underage alcohol and other drug use. Together we can accomplish SO MUCH. Collaborate with us!

What We Do

Road Radio USA is an award-winning live interactive multimedia edutainment presentation that shares a powerful and important message about the true impact of underage drinking and other drug use in a unique way that youth truly connect with.

For almost 30 years, the Road Radio USA message has reached young people across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and Connecticut with our live stage show. Now, in 2021, we are pushing past state boundaries with our live virtual show and have the potential for this important message to reach youth all across the USA – and perhaps beyond!